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122nd Street School 61st Street School 66th Street School 96th Street School 99th Street School ABC Little School North Hollywood Allesandro Elementary Allesandro Elementary STAFF ONLY Arlington Heights School Baca Arts Bakerman Elementary School Staff Bertrand Elementary Braddock Drive School Bright Elementary Buford Elementary Buford Preschool Camellia School Canoga Park Elementary Carden Conejo School Carson-Gore Elementary Chime Charter School Cienega School Cohassett Elementary Corona Elementary Dolores Huerta - Inglewood Ellen Ochoa Ellen Ochoa Learning Center STAFF ONLY Felton Preschool Fenton 3rd Grade - 5th Grade Campus Fenton Avenue Charter School STAFF ONLY Fenton Charter Leadership Academy STAFF ONLY Fenton Leadership Academy - Sun Valley Fenton Primary School Fenton STEM Academy - Sun Valley Fenton STEM Academy STAFF ONLY Fishburn Elementary Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary Grant Elementary Gridley Street School Gridley Street School STAFF Highland Elementary Hoover Elementary Jefferson Elementary Jefferson Preschool John Mack Elementary Kennedy Elementary - Compton Loma Vista Los Angeles School Maywood Elementary McKinley Elementary Melvin Elementary School Moffett Preschool Moffett School Monte Vista Early Education Center Newcastle Elementary Nueva Vista School Park Avenue Parmelee School Raymond Elementary Rosemont Ave Russell Elementary Shenandoah Elementary South Park Elementary State Street School Toluca Lake Elementary Vermont Elementary Vine School Weemes School Weigand School West Athens School Westport Heights School Whelan Preschool Will Rogers Elementary Wilton Place Elementary Wisdom School Z Miscellaneous